【Biorbyt新产品】COVID19 Biomarker Panel: 肽生物标志物预测COVID-19的严重性

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【Biorbyt新产品】COVID19 Biomarker Panel: 肽生物标志物预测COVID-19的严重性

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Tailored Biomarker Tests for COVID-19




COVID-19 is an infectious disease caused by SARS coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) and is the cause of the COVID-19 pandemic. Scientists across the world are working together to accelerate the research and development process to contain its spread.



Predictive COVID-19 Disease Severity Test / COVID-19 疾病严重程度预测试验

● The test classifies and predicts COVID-19 disease severity, based on host response to COVID-19. 



●The test predicts whether COVID-19 patients: 



ⅰ. are likely to develop severe disease (WHO 3 vs WHO 4-7);

     可能发展为严重疾病(WHO 3 vs WHO 4-7);


ⅱ. will need invasive ventilation;



ⅲ. are likely to survive if they have severe disease.



● The purpose of the test is to demonstrate treatment efficacy, elucidate the MoA of COVID-19 therapeutics in development and to provide a readout of what the disease would have looked like without treatment.



● The test may also be used as a tool for severe disease risk stratification in an exploratory context.




● A standardized, ultra-high-throughput clinical platform for serum and plasma proteomics



● Platform enables high precision quantification of 180 human proteomes per day at low cost



● 27 biomarkers are differentially expressed between WHO severity grades for COVID-19



● Biomarkers include proteins not previously associated with COVID-19 infection


Overlaid chromatogram of the biomarker peptides included in the multiplexed targeted proteomic assay. The assay was developed to quantitate 50+ peptides in a 10 min LC run.



Early Access Program 抢先体验计划

Kit Reagents (Reference Peptides)/ 试剂盒试剂(参考肽)

· 52 Synthetic reference peptides (calibrators) (approx 1ug per peptide per batch) / 52种合成参考肽(校准品)(每批每肽约1ug)

· 52 Isotopically labelled internal standard peptides (approx 100ng per peptide per sample) / 52种同位素标记的内标肽(每个样品每个肽约100ng)

Quantity / Format /数量/格式

104 peptides in 2-3ml labelled Eppendorf vials 


Shipping /运输

Ambient temp. / 环境温度

Storage /储存

Dried down & stored at -20 Celsius / 干燥&-20摄氏度下储存

Shelf life /保质期

12 months /12个月

Number of samples per kit / 每个盒子的样本数


QCs and Calibrators  / QC和校准品


Protocols included (SOPs) /实验方案

A detailed, step-by-step protocol with SOPs for sample preparation, mass spectrometry system set up and the results we have generated previously /提供使用SOP,进行详细的分步操作的方案,用于样品制备,质谱系统设置以及我们先前生成的结果


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